Women’s experiences with giving birth in water 

Three women’s experiences with giving birth in water…

Over the years we have gathered statements from women who gave birth in FJORDBLINK Birth Pools.

Sussie Hovmann Boesen:

In September 1997, I gave birth to my second child at Randers Centralsygehus. To my luck, the hospital had just bought a FJORDBLINK Birth Pool. I always wanted to give birth in water, but in 1994 when I gave birth to my first child, I did not have this option.

Looking back on my two deliveries they are two quite different experiences. The Birth Pool is designed to give you the opportunity to work with your body in the most optimal way. You can take advantage of the design of the pool by relaxing in the pauses between the contractions and getting the correct support and “working position” when new contractions are coming. Of course I also had pains during the birth in the Birth Pool, but in no way can it be compared to my first child delivery.

To give birth in a FJORDBLINK Birth Pool is almost a relaxing experience compared to giving birth in the traditional way.

Thank you FJORDBLINK for a well-designed Birth Pool which made my birth experience quite special.

Eva Bruun:
Home birth in a Fjordblink Birth Pool

I am the proud mother of two lovely children: 2-year-old Linda and 2½-week-old Alexander…

At Linda´s birth I had planned to give birth at home. However the delivery had to be started by Induced labor and she was born in the hospital. Therefore, in the last trimester of my pregnancy with Alexander I talked to my midwife about home birth. She supported me, and I brought up the subject of a birth pool. Also here I found support. I was searching on the internet and found Fjordblink. I sent an e-mail asking if they rented out to private people, something they had just started.

So we brought home the birth pool three weeks before expected delivery. When the time came and nothing happened, I became nervous that once again my delivery had to be induced. However, on Friday April 30 I woke up early morning with slight contractions, but it was first in the evening they really got started. Later in the evening, the midwife and a midwife student arrived. At 00:40 a.m, I had the first labor pains and people were busy filling warm water in the pool. When I got into the pool my heavy labor pains changed to something I could tolerate and work with, and after only 18 minutes in the water my baby son was born.

If I had given birth on the bed instead, there is no doubt that it would have been much more painful. I am sure of this – the difference between “in water” and “on land” was clear. So for everyone who is considering the idea of giving birth at home and in water I can only say: It is all worth it!!

And the fine rented Birth Pool from Fjordblink gave me the experience of wonderful relaxation in the pleasant water. The design of the pool allowed me to choose different positions so it was I who found and settled on the most comfortable position for ME. Wonderful.

This is my story about “our” home birth in water.

Rikke Hartogsohn:

After giving birth to our first three children in the “traditional” way, I gave birth on October 27, 1997 to our fourth and so far latest child in the Birth Pool – at that time something quite new in Randers Centralsygehus. Shortly before my expected delivery, the Birth Pool had been presented in the local newspaper and described as a fantastic innovation. Among other things the word “pain-relief” was mentioned, which is something one notices especially when expecting to give birth in the near future. My curiosity was aroused, however also with a slight degree of skepticism. Should we try it when it soon would become our turn again? The day came – with fine, persistent and strongly effective contractions. We went to the maternity ward on a cold, but exceptionally beautiful October morning at approx. 5.45 a.m. It was still dark, but the city was just awakening – accompanied by a fantastic reddish light on the horizon from the ascending sun. At 6.05 a.m. we were received in the maternity ward, where it was determined that I was probably already in the process of giving birth! Time for reflection became short. The decision was made. The exciting question was presented: Was the Birth Pool vacant? It was!!! While undressing, the pool was filled with water – and then I submerged my body into the warm water.

I quickly realized that this was going to be quite a different experience compared to my other childbirths. In every way, the warm water had a beneficial effect. The warm water made the muscles relax in such a way that the top of the pains seemed more endurable. Consequently, working with the labor pains and the opening of the uterus happened both faster and easier. It should also be mentioned that the design of the Birth Pool is so brilliant that you lie almost comfortably at the same time. All this quite naturally influences the mental state. When the body is relaxing so much, and the pains become endurable, the mental state is also working in a different and more sensible way. You gain adequate energy to enjoy the experience and to communicate with both the father, and especially the midwife.

The experience became very intense for us – however it was short. At 7.00 a.m. our daughter was born in the nice warm water after I spent less than an hour in the Birth Pool. Everything went quietly and calmly. Besides ourselves, the midwife was the only person present during the entire event, which also made the atmosphere both intense and peaceful. The midwife maintained optimal working positions thanks to the possibility to raise and lower the pool with the electric control.

This has been a great experience. Naturally, the easy child birth should also be seen in the light of the fact that it was the fourth time I gave birth. But I still think that the birth pool has been a contributing factor to this — that I/WE had such an optimal experience!

By the way, our daughter is now 26 months old. She thrives and loves WATER !!!!