Midwives experiences assisting with birth in FJORDBLINK Birth Pools.

Over the years we have gathered statements from professionals using our Birth Pools.

Large spacious pool with possibility for movement, so is it easy to find the best position. The pool is very reliable and because its surface is very smooth the cleaning is easy. Furthermore, it is good that the Supply Unit is a separate unit. And it’s nice that there is plenty of space for the personnel’s legs and feet.

(Midwife Jette Ravnkjær and Dorthe Svane, Esbjerg Sygehus)

FJORDBLINK Birth Pools are fine and elegant like swans. The good space and width of the pool are beneficial for the laboring woman. The pool is spacious without many frills and is therefore easy to clean after use.

(Maternity WardRegionshospitalet Horsens)