Giving birth in water 

Water births are pain relieving because immersion in warm water is relaxing. This results in faster delivery because the woman is more relaxed and the contractions become more efficient.

There is less risk of tearing, because the warm water is comforting and soothing. It is more gentle for the baby because the child’s breathing is momentarily postponed after birth in warm water.

It is well-known that immersion in warm water is pain-relieving in connection with labor and delivery. Showers and pools have for many years been used for laboring women during the stage of dilation where the warm water has a soothing and pain relieving function.

More and more pregnant women want to complete the entire course of birth in water, and there have been very good experiences with water birth, e.g., in Denmark.

Time in warm water provides relaxation, comfort, and buoyancy which makes it easier for the woman to try out different positions and move around. Birth tends to be shorter since the women are more relaxed and the contractions become more efficient. Additionally, there is less tearing in relation to conventional births.

A water birth is more harmonic and provides a gentle start for the baby which appears to be calmer immediately after the delivery.